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Welcome to the world of Little Rabbit – a charming kitchen full of sweet, warmth and flavours. Little Rabbit Bakery focused on making nostalgic, old-fashioned homemade goods with an attention to detail and interest in fine craftsmanship. Our collection includes scones, muffins, cakes, biscuits and other heart-warming delicacies.

At Little Rabbit Bakery, our determined philosophy is to create delectable products that will take you back from the age of microwave to grandma’s kitchen when everything was simply made by hands in an old-fashioned way; using the best and freshest ingredients, mixing them with lots of love, and taking the time to produce delicious homemade treats one by one from scratch. The greatest care is taken and no detail overlooked to make sure that everything at Little Rabbit Bakery tastes as good as Mom would have made!

Everything at Little Rabbit Bakery tastes as good as Mom would have made!

All Little Rabbit’s products are fully bespoke and made fresh to order. Our baking inspiration comes from nature and little things around us. Little Rabbit’s signature crinkle cookies have been inspired from everyday beverage such as Lime juice, Milo and Pink Milk. Earthy and flower-inspired cakes such as cucumber cupcakes and Almond Jasmine Loaf Cakes are also offered at the bakery.

Little Rabbit Bakery collaborate with a handful of like-minded partners who own a small coffee shop, café or restaurant to create products for their place and help expand the world of Little Rabbit. For further information about these collaborations or for future opportunities please contact Little Rabbit Bakery!